Author/Genre Project

As a culminating project for 8th Grade, students will be choosing a favorite author or genre to read, and then creating a writing collection that mirrors the techniques they notice in the writing. To stay on task with this project, students should be reading nightly,  This will ensure that students are ready to begin other portions of their project when they return from vacation.

For a full overview, click HERE.
In class, I will give examples of how to complete each component of the project.  You can find notes for those lessons linked below.
The project is made up of multiple components:
    - At the bottom of the page you'll find a PDF for suggested authors/genres.
    - All relevant papers are linked here, and can also be found in Google Classroom.
    - A calendar of due dates has been given to each student, but can also be found below.

In Writing you are to complete:

This should reflect things you’ve learned – craft lessons – that you are trying out in your own writing.

  •  Book Review – This can be either as a piece of writing(letter essay), a book trailer (digital), or a Book Map (drawing).
  • A collection of writing that is written in the same genre that you studied and reflects techniques of craft you are trying out (a short story, collection of vignettes, collection of poetry, memoir…etc.) Take notes using these: Notes 1    Notes 2
  •  An Author’s note that explains the process of studying the authors and genres.  This paper is a series of questions attached to this packet.
  •  A list of references for all books and articles read, or websites used
  • An Author/Genre pamphlet that includes the following:
    •  Titles of works you read, and other works by the same author or other authors in the same genre
    • Color copy of the book covers
    • A short summary of each book read or recommended
    • Passages from the author’s work (leads, endings, descriptions, or other examples of writing typical of this writer)
    • Quotes from this author about his or her reading or writing process.
    •  Illustrations, pictures, diagrams, sketches, etc. – invite us to read the pamphlet.

Here's an example of a Book Trailer:

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