Book Suggestions

Want to know of some great books to read this year?  Check out these selections, most of which can be found right in the GMS library.
The Classics!

Title:20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Author:Jules Verne
Summary:Professor Pierre Aronnax and his two companions find themselves held prisoner by the peculiar Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus, an unusual submarine.

Title:A Separate Peace
Author:John Knowles
Summary:The turbulent friendship between two very different teens, Gene and Phineas, leads to disaster at an New England boarding school just before World War II.

Title:A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Author:Betty Smith
Summary:Francie Nolan, a young Brooklyn girl both impoverished and mistreated, searches with courage and determination for beauty and truth in an ugly world.

Title:A Wrinkle in Time
Author:Madeleine L'Engle
Summary:Meg Murry, her brother, Charles Wallace, along with their neighbor, Calvin O'Keefe, travel through time and space to find their scientist father and battle a growing cosmic evil.

Title:Across Five Aprils
Author:Irene Hunt
Summary:When the horrors of the Civil War and his father's illness invade his childhood world, young Jethro Creighton must grow up fast and assume responsibility for his family's Illinois farm.

Title:Anne of Green Gables
Author:L. M. Montgomery
Summary:Instead of a strong orphan boy to help work the farm, the Cuthberts of Avonlea receive a chatty, impulsive redheaded girl at Green Gables.

Title:Ender's Game
Author:Orson Scott Card
Summary:Young Andrew "Ender" Wiggins is trained to play and win an elaborate computer game in a future when Earth's space fleet is battling the invading "Buggers."

Title:Esther Forbes
Author:Johnny Tremain
Summary:When a young, arrogant silversmith badly burns his hand in a bowl of molten silver, he must fend for himself on the streets of 1773 Boston and seek a new purpose in life.

Title:Fahrenheit 451
Author:Ray Bradbury
Summary:Fireman Guy Montag doesn't want to burn books anymore, he wants to read them, but the society in which he lives forbids it.

Title:Fallen Angels
Author:Walter Dean Myers
Summary:High school graduate, Richie Perry, tries to make sense of his life as a soldier on active duty in a horrific, terrifying war in Vietnam in 1967.

Title:Flowers for Algernon
Author:Daniel Keyes
Summary:Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded adult with an I.Q. of 68, undergoes an experimental operation that turns him into a genius, just as it made Algernon a brilliant mouse.

Title:George Orwell
Summary:Winston Smith, a member of the Party led by an all-seeing Big Brother who feeds propaganda to the people and monitors their every thought, attempts to escape its control to be with the woman he loves.

Author:Gary Paulsen
Summary:When his plane crashes, 13-year-old Brian survives alone in the wilds of Canada for 54 days with only the clothes on his back and a hatchet.

Title:Little Women
Author:Louisa May Alcott
Summary:The close-knit March family girls-Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy-are the heroines of this family story of childhood, adolescence and adulthood, with all its joys and sorrows.

Title:Lord of the Flies
Author:William Golding
Summary:A group of English boys shot down in a plane are left to survive on a deserted island without any adults and attempt to create their own civilization.

Title:Murder on the Orient Express
Author:Agatha Christie
Summary:When a wealthy American is found dead on the Orient Express train while traveling from Istanbul to Paris, Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot suspects that one of thirteen passengers may have committed the crime.

Title:My Brother Sam is Dead
Author:James Lincoln Collier
Summary:Tim Meeker is forced to choose between the Revolution his brother, Sam, believes in and the British rule supported by his father.

Title:Of Mice and Men
Author:John Steinbeck
Summary:George Milton tries to protect Lenny Small, a hulking retarded man who doesn't understand his own strength, from trouble on the California ranch they work as migrant laborers.

Title:Oliver Twist
Author:Charles Dickens
Summary:A mistreated workhouse orphan escapes to the city only to face more cruelty by devious people, until a kind man unearths the truth of his birthright.

Title:Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Author:Mildred D. Taylor
Summary:Nine-year-old Cassie Logan tells the story of her strong and loving African American family in 1930s Mississippi, and their struggles against the threats of poverty and intense racial hatred.

Author:Jack Schaefer
Summary:The Starretts, a homesteading family in Wyoming in 1889, befriend an intensely quiet drifter whose life is lived reluctantly by the gun and from which he can find no escape.

Title:Summer of My German Soldier
Author:Bette Greene
Summary:A 12-year-old Jewish girl risks everything to befriend a young German prisoner of war at the POW camp in her small Arkansas town during World War II.

Title:The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Author:Mark Twain
Summary:Teenage Huck and Jim, an escaped slave, enjoy adventure and face danger as they float together down the Mississippi River.

Title:The Call of the Wild
Author:Jack London
Summary:A comfortable family dog named Buck is stolen and sold into a harsh life as a sled dog in the 1890s Klondike, where he reverts to his wild nature.

Title:The Chocolate War
Author:Robert Cormier
Summary:When Jerry Renault won't be forced by Archie Costello into selling chocolates at school to raise money, an intense psychological war begins.

Title:The Chronicles of Narnia
Author:C. S. Lewis
Summary:Four children explore another world populated with unique characters where a battle between good and evil is being waged, and in which they will eventually rule.

Title:The Giver
Author:Lois Lowry
Summary:When 12-year-old Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver of Memories and learns from the Giver the truth about how his orderly society works, he comes to understand the price being paid for that orderly society is much too high.

Title:The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Author:J. R. R. Tolkien
Summary:Tolkien's masterpieces of Middle Earth from the journeys of Bilbo to Frodo's reluctant stewardship of the Ring, with men, elves and fantastical creatures well-met and ill-met along the way.

Title:The Hound of the Baskervilles
Author:Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Summary:The tracks of an enormous hound near the corpse of Sir Charles Baskerville on his estate in the moorlands bring Sherlock Holmes and Watson from the city to investigate.

Title:The House on Mango Street
Author:Sandra Cisneros
Summary:Esperanza, a young Latino girl, grows up on Mango Street in Chicago through a series of lyrical vignettes.

Title:The Jungle Books
Author:Rudyard Kipling
Summary:When 1-year-old Mowgli is abandoned in the jungle by parents terrified of the tiger, Shere Khan, the baby is raised by wolves and taught the ways of the jungle by mentors Bagheera and Baloo, panther and bear.

Title:The Light in the Forest
Author:Conrad Richter
Summary:John Cameron Butler was taken captive as a child and raised as a Lenne Lenape Indian, but when required to return to his white family at 15 years of age, adjustment is more than difficult.

Title:The Outsiders
Author:S. E. Hinton
Summary:Fourteen-year-old Ponyboy, a proud "greaser" from the poor side of town, starts to think differently about his life when a member of his gang kills a "soc" (short for "social"), a member of a rival rich kids' gang.

Title:The Princess Bride
Author:William Goldman
Summary:When the vain and deceitful Prince Humperdinck commands the beautiful Buttercup to marry him, Westley, her true love, will do whatever it takes (and it takes a lot) to remove her from Humperdinck's clutches.

Title:The Red Badge of Courage
Author:Stephen Crane
Summary:With the tumult of war around him, a young Union soldier wages an internal battle between paralyzing fear and courage.

Title:The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Author:Robert Louis Stevenson
Summary:The lawyer, Utterson, is surprised and horrified when his investigations of Mr. Hyde, a monster of a man, lead him to the door of his client and friend, the upright Dr. Jekyll.

Title:The Time Machine
Author:H. G. Wells
Summary:The Time Traveler witnesses the ultimate course of human history and of the earth itself when he travels into the far future.

Title:The Yearling
Author:Marjorie Rawlings
Summary:Jody Baxter, a young boy living in the backwoods of Florida, takes in an orphaned fawn and as they grow together, must make fateful decisions about the animal he has come to love.

Title:To Kill a Mockingbird
Author:Harper Lee
Summary:Explore the life of Scout from ages eight to eleven in Maycomb, Alabama during the Depression, a volatile time, especially when her father chooses to defend a young black man accused of raping a white woman.

Title:True Grit
Author:Charles Portis
Summary:Wily and determined 14-year-old Mattie Ross intends to avenge the death of her father, and convinces the tough Rooster Cogburn, U.S. Marshall, to help her.

Title:Watership Down
Author:Richard Adams
Summary:Forced from their home in Sandleford Warren by the intrusion of man, a courageous band of Berkshire rabbits face adversity, hardship and predators as they pursue a new place called "home."

Title:Where the Red Fern Grows
Author:Wilson Rawls
Summary:Ten-year-old Billy lovingly raises two redbone hounds, Old Dan and Little Ann, to be champion raccoon hunters in the Ozark mountains, but must come to terms with the greater forces of the wilderness.