Eighth Grade - Section 7

Historical Fiction Unit
  We will be reading the novel "Until We Meet Again" by Michael Korenblit and Kathleen Janger.  Students are also studying the WWII and Holocaust time periods in Social Studies, and learning about related propaganda in Language Arts.

Section 7A

1942. A small town in Poland. Two Jewish families flee to hiding places, hoping to evade deportation by the Nazis. At the last moment, 17-year old Manya makes the heart wrenching decision to leave her family and join her sweetheart, Meyer, also 17, with his family. For three long years, Manya and Meyer endure the loss of their parents and siblings, separation from each other, and the horror of concentration camps, including Aushwitz-but are helped at key points by courageous Polish Catholics and are constantly sustained by their faith and their love for each other. Co-authored by the couple's son Michael, this absorbing and suspenseful narrative reads like a novel, yet tells a true story of love and horror, sacrifice and courage, with a conclusion that is truly miraculous.


The Voyage of the St. Louis

"Why didn't Jewish people flee Germany when the Nazis took power?"

- Using the story of the St. Louis, students will work toward answering this question and looking at broader contextual issues, including: German anti-Jewish policiy in 1938 and 1939; the international response to the growing regugee crisis; the plight of refugees in western Europe; and United States immigration and refugee poilcy during the 1930s and 1940s.

Using the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website, read about"The Voyage," "Return to Europe," and the stories of the five families listed in 'The Story' section. As you read, take notes in a 3-2-1 format:

3 Important Facts I learned

2 Questions I still have

1 Lesson I learned

Then, you and a partner will research one of the four passengers featured in The Search section using the Written Document Analysis Worksheet. 

Written Document Analysis Worksheet

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