Effective Essays

Currently, students are studying the genre of Persuasive Writing.

Features of Effective Essays
  • Strong “I” voice of the author creates a tone and mood

  • Draws on the writer’s personal experience or knowledge

  • There are facts and information to back up the opinion

  • Stays on topic

  • There are hooks/good titles

  • It’s persuasive - gets the reader thinking

  • Proper formatting - punctuation, grammar, conventions

  • Uses quotes when necessary to back up opinion

  • There are powerful and meaningful conclusions - leaves the reader thinking, summarizes the point

  • There are questions that move the flow

  • It’s relatable - connects to the reader in some way

  • Effective essays add opinion if needed

  • Captivate the audience - know who you’re speaking to

  • Add facts that are relevant to the topic

  • Gives opinions of counter-arguments and critiques them

  • The hook includes “heavy” facts

  • Makes sure the point is clear by repeating the thesis

  • Begins with a story/scenario (hook)

  • Explains how alternatives could fail

  • Explains the reality of the facts

  • Gives a solution to the problem presented

  • Has an agenda - a “So What?”

  • Helpful transition words to move the flow along

  • Makes topic easily understandable

  • Usually seven to ten paragraphs

  • Organization

Persuasive Strategies

Claim - Your main point

Big Names - experts and important people that support your side of the argument

Logos - using logic, numbers, facts, and data to support your argument

Pathos - appealing to your audience’s emotions

Ethos - making yourself seem trustworthy

Kairos - building a sense of urgency

Research - using studies and information to make your argument seem more convincing; you can use words, graphs, tables, illustrations, etc.

All persuasive essays in 8th grade will include research.