English Expectations

This year, English will run very similarly to 7th Grade.  You will have Reading and Writing workshops each day where we will go over mini lessons on the craft of writing, and you will be creating your own pieces of writing.  You will also be expected to have an independent reading book each day.

Expectations for the year:
- You will read 1 - 2 books of your choice each month.
        - When you've finished a book, you will take an AR test and complete a Reader's Review to be handed in.
        - You will also give Book Talks throughout the year on a book of your choice. This will help us practice speaking and listening skills.
- You will complete a writing piece every 5 weeks in class.  To ensure that your writing piece is ready on time, you may have to work on your piece at home.  
- You will have weekly spelling homework.
         - 5 words each week, and a quiz once a month.